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Logistics of Creating a Film Production

When it comes to film production shipping, film freight logistics, and film production logistics, be prepared for a great deal of due diligence, hard work, and detailed preparation. Everything and everybody needs to be in the right spot at the right time to save time and resources, which suggests arranging timely transportation for all actors as well as crew participants alongside props and all-important film production equipment.

Facilities are a factor that need to be considered when creating a film. During the course of the production of a film, film locations with desired climate and weather conditions will be required. When searching for facilities, the actors will also require certain locations in order to get their make-up done or even a place to store camera equipment. When creating a film, all facilities that may be needed have to be considered so they can all be adequately set up in time for production, as well as for post-production phases, in case any re-shooting is necessary.


When making a film, it is essential to think about where the film is actually going to be shot. Discovering the perfect locations for a film could be extremely daunting. When a film location has been actually discovered, the preparation continues with securing necessary documentation and filling out the correct paper work to ensure the location is actually secure for all cast and staff. One more thing to think about when deciding on a location will be accessibility. In theory, an undiscovered, deserted island would be a beautiful film location, but if the cast, crew and film equipment can not arrive there, then it is not logistically an option in reality, unless you contact Packair, the film production logistics specialists! Packair is licensed and certified to move anything, anywhere in the world. There are no film location shipping destinations to where Packair cannot deliver!

With the boom in productions starting in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Hawaii, Packair has established presence in these hot filming locations to further make your film production freight logistics experience much smoother and even more stress-free! Packair has over 43 years of movie production logistics expertise, and has made the impossible a reality for over 5000 Hollywood Productions. Packair tailors your logistics specific to your exact needs, and offers best in class Atlanta Film Shipping, Hawaii Movie Production Logistics, and Los Angeles Film Freight Forwarding.

Making a movie requires a lot of preparation and paper work with regards to the safety of the film location. Proper risk assessments must be completed in order to assess each single film location areas safety and security. Additionally, each location requires the authorization from the owner. Once the locations have been secured, Packair will further be able to assist with your film production logistics strategy.

Film Freight Logistics Tips

The proper documentation and certifications are required to ensure the most efficient and smooth film production shipping process. Necessary documentation for a movie includes the development documentation which includes the text, storyboards, and so on. Other kinds of documents would include threat assessments, health and safety examinations and budget. Other premium freight services include commodity export licensing, consular licensing, and dangerous goods declarations, all of which Packair is the industry leader in servicing. Without the proper documents, film making becomes much more complicated as well as could also indicate that the movie can easily not be actually made.

As each day of filming can cost millions, Packair is well aware of what is at stake when there are delays, so our agents are here to provide the most efficient and most secure film freight logistics services possible. When considering film props, there are many products that should be considered, such as - public library materials, photo-library products, books, etc. These and even more components may add a layer of authenticity to the movie. Be careful to verify whether or not certain props may be used with the expressed consent and/or approval of the manufacturer or proprietor of the materials and/or merchandise. When transporting rented film props that are not intended for re-sale, an ATA Carnet may be utilized to save on duties. Packair is the premier ATA Carnet Service Provider and can secure your ATA Carnet within the same day, as a part of Packair’s Same Day ATA Carnet Service.


When creating a film, one more element that has to be considered is actually time. There is an element of opportunity cost involved with so many moving parts. With all of the stars and crew that have various other works, time is very precious and must be utilized efficiently and wisely.

When it comes to export services, knowing that your shipment has been handled safely and efficiently is even more important. With Packair, white glove service quality comes standard. Rest assured that our experienced and trustworthy agents share their best shipping strategies tailored to your exact shipping specifications with you. As such, Packair will provide you with the airway bill number and all flight details to ensure that you always know the location and safety of your cargo. To speak with one of Packair's experienced agents, call (310) 337-9993 or get your free quote now!

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